The relationship between worker and employer is an important one which is covered by extensive legislation. Contracts, dismissals, counselling and performance management, redundancies, working hours, wages and leave entitlements are important and potentially complex topics in relation to which both workers and employers have particular rights and responsibilities.

The solicitors at Duddy Shopov have extensive experience acting for workers and employers – both small and large – in employment disputes, and have a solid understanding of the Fair Work Act 2009 and associated legislation and case law.

If you;

• Believe you have been underpaid or unfairly treated at work; or

• Believe you have been unfairly dimissed or have not received the correct entitlements upon termination/redundancy; or

• Have a question about your Award or employment contract;

We may be able to assist you to negotiate with your employer or take action in an appropriate court or tribunal.

For advice, please call Tahlia on 8110 5555.

If you are a manager or employer and:

• You have been accused of underpaying or unfairly dismissing a worker; or

• You are seeking to restructure your business or counsel or dismiss workers and want to ensure you comply with all relevant legislation, contracts, policies and Awards; or

• You need help drafting and applying workplace policies;

We can advise you on your responsibilities and options, and help you to avoid or resolve legal proceedings.

For more information on how we can help, call Will on 8110 5555.

The information on this site is not legal advice. If you require legal advice, you should speak to a solicitor. If you would like Duddy Shopov to assist you, please contact our office on (08) 8110 5555 for further information and to arrange an appointment.

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